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Tannins & Hops


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About Us

Tannins & Hops is a 1920’s style speakeasy located in the heart of the warehouse district, right next door to Kelleher’s Irish Pub. There is a side door entrance that leads you into a small foyer where you must pull a rope to ring a cast iron bell on the other side of the wall. You then lift up a black cast iron window and present the password to the door guy to gain entrance into the secret restaurant. 95% of everything used in the building of the bar was reclaimed from around the Peoria area by Whiskey City Design, including a bowling alley lane used for tables (Town & Country Bowl), reclaimed Hiram Walker wood for the bar top, lounge chairs from Jumer’s Black Bear Lounge, and even a jail cell made in 1867 from A. Lucas.

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